A Year of Spiritual Practices - A Feminine Lens

A series of Sacred Circles


October 9, 2018 - September 2019

13 2-hour virtual circles, every 4 weeks

Tuesdays 7-9pm CST*

with the exception of one session on a Sunday afternoon.

Each Circle will be dedicated to exploring one particular Spiritual Practice. Each spiritual tradition teaches the importance of engaging in spiritual practices as a way to stay connected with the Creative Life Spirit, the Divine, God/Goddess. Many of these have been intuited by, practiced by and taught by wise women. During this year of engaging deeply with 13 different practices, we will connect with the sacred traditions, many of which have been treasured in the feminine space of psyche, soul, and community.

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Tentative Schedule

October 9, 2018

Lectio Divina - Holy Reading. One of the first spiritual practices I connected with as an adult, this wisdom is passed down to us from the Benedictines - a monastic tradition of the Church. St. Benedict of the 6th century taught the monks this way of praying with the scriptures. Joan Chittister, a courageous, outspoken nun of the 20th/21st century translates this ancient wisdom for our time. I invite us to practice lectio divina not only with sacred writings, but with music lyrics, with the news, with nature, with poetry, and with all of the other odd ways that the Spirit speaks. This basic practice lays the foundation for all the other practices we will explore.

november 6, 2018

Ancient Mayan Wisdom - A Map of Synchronicity. The 13 Moon Dreamspell. Co-facilitated with Heather Elizabeth, founder of the SHINE movement.

"The 13 Moon Dreamspell lineage has it's foundation in the ancient Mayan calendar system that seeded the potential for humanity's awakening to the natural patterns and cycles of creation."      - Heather Elizabeth

The timing of this session is by design!  One of the powerful cycles of The Dreamspell is a 9 month flow through 260 archetypes.  That cycle is ending Thursday, October 25, 2018, and a new one begins Friday, October 26, 2018.  Tuning into the Circle at this time,  so soon after this new cycle begins, sparks a new awareness for the next 9 month cycle! 

We are completing "one of the most powerful cycles within the Dreamspell called a ‘Galactic Spin’. This is the cycle of 260 days, symbolizing the human gestation cycle which tells the story of humanity through all of the Galactic Signatures within the Tzolkin...[we are completing] a SACRED pattern that BEgan on February 8th, 2018. What is BEing BIRTHed within you at this ‘time’? If ever there were a time to embrace your VIBRANCY, BRILLIANCE, and UNBRIDLED POTENTIAL, it is NOW." - Heather Elizabeth

Heather Elizabeth offers participants a discounted individual reading of your Dreamspell archetype, prior to or after this Circle. Contact Alisa for details.

december 4, 2018

Journaling as Spiritual Practice

december 30, 2018

Cycles and Seasons. From the seasons of the year and the Church, to the cycles of the moon, to the 4 Directions of the Medicine Wheel. Guest Teacher - Heather Neary of SHE

january 29, 2019

Contemplative Practices - Centering Prayer, chanting, mantra

february 26, 2019

The Imaginal Realm - Inner Work. Ignatian prayer practices. Internal Family Systems (IFS) - working with parts of self

march 26, 2019

Connecting with Nature, Plant Medicine

April 23, 2019

Sound Healing. Guest musician - Mimi Jennings of White Crane Sings

may 21, 2019


june 18, 2019

Working with Tarot, Archetypes

july 16, 2019

Wisdom from the Gnostic Gospels - The Gospel of Mary, The Gospel of Thomas

august 2019

Ritual and Sacrament

september 2019

Artwork/Sacred Geometry