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A Year of Spiritual Practices - A Feminine Lens

Beginning October 2018 thru September 2019



august 13 at 7pM CST

I will email members with login instructions to join the live group gathering. 

**To ensure the most privacy for our work together, the recordings require a password to access.  Our password is SacredCircles


Meet Mary Magdalene

july 16, 2019

Meet Mary Magdalene - Recorded Circle

Archetypes of Tarot

june 18, 2019

Tarot Archetypes - Recorded Circle


may 21, 2019

DreamWork - Recorded Circle

Sound Healing

april 23, 2019

Sound Healing - Recorded Circle

We listened to and watched a segment of Inner World, Outer World exploring the science of sound, as well as the patterns that different sound vibrations create in water and other substances.

We enjoyed the flute music of Mimi Jennings of White Crane Sings, a energy and sound healer in Austin.

We also shared some of our favorite music…

As the Deer

Killing Time - City and Colour

Born - Ara Lee

Nasty Woman - Ara Lee

Nature as Spiritual Practice

march 26, 2019

Nature as Spiritual Practice - Recorded Circle

We used the Spirit Animal Oracle deck created by Colette Baron-Reid

Working with Parts, The Imaginal Realm

february 26, 2019

Working with Parts, The Imaginal Realm - Recorded Circle

It seems that our psyche is “multiple” in that there are numerous parts. This is intuited in so many different modalities of healing and spiritualities. Jungian DreamWork, Gestalt therapy, Internal Family Systems, Theophostic Prayer, and Ignatian Prayer. We talk of the concept of The Imaginal Realm as a “place” where spirit meets the physical, where visions, dreams, and inner work emerge, and where enormous shifts take place! These are the prelude for significant changes within our lives.

The Meaning of Mary Magdalene, Cynthia Bourgeault

Contemplative Practices

january 29, 2019

Contemplative Practices - Recorded Circle

Centering Prayer - teaching

In this Circle we explore two contemplative practices in depth. Centering Prayer, and Kundalini chanting. Centering Prayer, from the Christian tradition, trains us to always “return home” to center, using a sacred word. If you want to know more, I especially recommend these two books.

Open Mind, Open Heart - Fr. Thomas Keating

Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening - Cynthia Bourgeault

The following Kundalini chant, in sanskrit, considered to be healing for one’s self and for others, is translated and chanted - by me! I encourage you to join in with these specific vibrations of healing.

Ra Ma Da Sa chant with Snatum Kaur

Seasons and Cycles

december 30, 2018

Seasons and Cycles - Recorded Circle

Heather Elizabeth of SHE again joins as Guest co-Teacher for this exploration of the layers of the cycles and seasons that show up at the end of 2018, and beyond! Check on the link to learn more about Heather’s offerings to work with the Eclipse season that is upon us as we walk into 2019!!

Journaling as Spiritual Practice

december 4, 2018

Journaling as Spiritual Practice - Recorded Circle

Journaling has been one of the mainstays of my spiritual practices for over 22 years! Here we talk about Journaling for Expression of Emotion, Journaling for Healing Relationships with self and others, Journaling as Prayer. It’s a little mini-retreat, with several journaling prompts and time to actually write!

Ancient Mayan Wisdom - A Map of Synchronicity

november 6, 2018

Ancient Mayan Wisdom - A Map of Synchronicity - Recorded Circle (I apologize - I forgot to hit “record” until after introductions!! So before you open the recording, take a minute to breathe and center yourself, and imagine yourself connected to this wider Circle. Know that you were mentioned by name as we began. And think about what you were doing, what was going on in your life, around February 8-15. That was 9 months/260 days ago. Enjoy!!

Interested in a 13Moon Dreamspell calendar? Go to www.13moon.com. Since the new year begins on July 26, you still have 3/4 of the calendar left to follow!

Lectio Divina

october 9, 2018

Lectio Divina - Recorded Circle

Lectio Divina/Holy Reading - Google Doc

Additional Resources

The Word is Very Near You - Martin Smith

Benedict’s Way - Lonni Collins Pratt and Father Daniel Homan, OSB

Too Deep for Words - Thelma Hall, rc

Wisdom Distilled from the Daily - Joan Chittister