The Magdalene Retreat

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april 12-14, 2019

A Retreat for Wisening Women

Imagine an intimate weekend, spent with open-hearted women, each with a desire to share her sacred gifts with the world, while also a need to honor her own depths. 

Imagine a weekend in an intimate, cozy setting, with wide open spaces and a vast sky overhead; with a hot-tub, a labyrinth, and a fire pit to nurture your body and soul. 

Imagine an intimate and sacred space created especially for you to bring your tender, tired, timid and insecure self; as well as your empowered, joyful, beautiful, and creative Self. 

This is what is in store for you in this 3 day and 2 night experience, 30 miles East of Austin, TX this Spring.

Mary Magdalene - Wounded Woman, Anointed Healer, Beloved, Anointing Initiator

Mary Magdalene, as experienced through me, Alisa, is our Teacher, Healer, Guide, and Companion for this transformational weekend just prior to Easter.  The archetypes that are expressed in her stories, will draw you to connect with those immense and life-giving energies within yourself.  This particular weekend is chosen with purpose, for it begins Holy Week, the sacred time leading up to Easter. We intentionally bring Mary Magdalene back into the Easter story as the profound and integral part of it that she has held, albeit unacknowledged by the Church, since the beginning!  Learn more about your Retreat Guidess, Alisa Carr, here.

This unique retreat offers an experience that can’t be found elsewhere. The Mary Magdalene Retreat allows you to be enveloped in the wisdom of the Sophia tradition of God while standing on the Solid Rock of scriptural offerings. Alisa is a gentle guide into the depth of God’s Love. The location provides a peaceful, comfortable place to be immersed in rituals and readings that allow your heart to be touched. If this speaks to you, join the song.
— Sharon D.
The Magdalene altar - 2018 Retreat

The Magdalene altar - 2018 Retreat

Did you have an older woman in your life, as a young girl, who guided you through the process of becoming a woman? Who taught you how to honor your body, your emotions, your sexuality? If you are like many women, this Wisened Woman Presence was not in the physical world for you, since the Feminine is just now beginning to emerge with strength. No fault of your mother and grandmothers, who also had no one to teach them to value their Feminine nature. The result? Often feeling lost, unprepared for the world and for relationships, or incapable as a young woman or older teenager. Often having expectations to meet as a mother, a wife, a career woman, but still feeling like a little girl.  Mary Magdalene comes in as the Wild and Wounded Woman to lead you through the recognition, healing and release for your inner young woman-to-be.  Read my blog post about my experience of connection with Mary Magdalene in this archetype.

Have you received some healing for your inner wounded or lost young woman-to-be?  Or is she still screaming (or suffocating) within you, needing to be heard?  Mary Magdalene comes in as the Anointed and Anointing Healer for her.  It is a healing balm to tell your story (whether that is to yourself, to another, or in a more public way), witness yourself, and be witnessed, from an accepting and non-judgmental place.  The ancient practice of anointing reaches up to us through the millenia in Mary Magdalene, and seals that healing.  Read here for my blog post about Mary Magdalene, Anointress.

Do you know of your Belovedness?  Do you know that you are a partner with the Divine - that you are here on this planet at this time to Create and Birth and Nurture your life for a sacred and important reason?  And that you are supported, encouraged, guided, and loved every step of the way?  Mary Magdalene comes in as Beloved Partner, inviting us to intimacy with the Spirit, that inspires, channels, and brings into Being all kinds of new life. When our inner young woman-to-be is acknowledged and given attention, and supported in growing into her full stature of the Feminine, she is then ready for that Divine partnership.  Read here for my blog post on Mary Magdalene as She who becomes fully human!

Do you know there is a call on you to express your unique Belovedness into the world?  A call that opens up a path for you to offer your healing and creative gifts to others, inviting them also into the Beauty and Sacredness of Life? The blossoming Feminine offers her empowering energy for you to bring into the World with grace and strength.  Mary Magdalene comes in as the Anointed and Anointing Initiator.  Just as she anointed Jesus for his aligned path, so she anoints and initiates you for your valuable and necessary work in the world.

Then, You, Sister, are a Wisening Woman!!

Throughout this weekend, the space will be created for, and you will be invited into a deep listening of the young woman-to-be within, your own Belovedness, and the creativity that is just waiting to emerge.  

 Sacred Practices Offered for Cleansing, Healing, Transformation

  • intimate gathering in a contained space with the soft glow of candles and the fragrance of incense

  • open-hearted sharing and connections with other women to create intimacy and build community

  • cleansing teas and nourishing food to show love and care for your body, as you listen to your heart and soul

  • hot-tub, showers, or essential oil baths to relax, release, and wash away what is ready to let go

  • energy healing meditations to tap into and release energy trapped in the mind and body

  • walks through nature to commune with the earth, grounding your spirit into your body

  • deep listening through artwork and journalling

  • the magnificence of the sunset to learn once again the cycles that hold you

  • a fire ceremony to transform barriers and blocks into new, life-giving energy

  • star-gazing to connect with the galaxies and planets and remember our Oneness with all of creation

  • a sunrise labyrinth walk to ceremonially step on our path of work and service in the world

  • the ancient practice of anointing for healing and for initiation

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Accommodations and Investment

Situated on about 70 acres, “Headquarters” at Whitworth Family Farm, is located approximately 30 miles East of Austin, off of Hwy 95 N in Bastrop,  TX.  (“Headquarters” is a term used by the Sufis to connote The Center of one’s Being). Your investment for The Magdalene Retreat is $444. Most of the room accommodations are shared, with a shared bath.  Space is limited!!  If you want to come with a friend and don't mind sharing a Queen bed with her, there will be a $50 discount for eachThere is one private room available, at a rate of $494, while spaces last!. Your $111 deposit is non-refundable after April 1, but may be applied towards other Eye of the Heart offerings.

Meals are included from Friday evening through Sunday Brunch.  Although we are committed to preparing nourishing food, we are not yet entirely vegetarian or vegan, but are also not heavy on the meat products.  If you have dietary restrictions, you are welcome to bring your own food selections.  The Friday evening meal will consist of healthy hors  d'oeuvres.  You are invited to bring your favorite if you feel so inclined!!

The farm is available at 3pm on Friday, April 12.  You are welcome to come, settle in, and enjoy the property.  We will begin with hors d'oeuvres at 5:30pm, and then with the evening session at 7:30pm.

Brunch will be served on Sunday at approximately 10:30am.  We will close the Circle by 2pm on Sunday, April 14.

I invite you to be prepared to open up to your deepest yearnings, your vastest beauty,  your wisest wisdom and your widest reach in this amazing and deep weekend with mary magdalene and other wisening women. 

Contact Alisa to schedule a Retreat Invitation call!

Contact Alisa at if you need payment options, or for any other questions.