Hi there!  I am Alisa Carr...

...and I'm delighted to introduce myself to you.  My learning and journey as a Healer has been more than 25 years in the making.  I have come to a place where the what feels most valuable to me about that process is not necessarily the degrees and the letters behind my name, although I get that those things are still important.  You will find that information towards the end of this page.  I first want to share with you what feels much more relevant and true about me.

I have come to create the offerings and programs that you find here at Eye of the Heart, as a Rebirth of my healing practice after becoming quite discouraged with the direction of the traditional clinical approach.  Don't get me wrong - I have always found a way to do deep and healing work with clients.  I have long included spirituality as part of the healing process.  But I no longer wanted to try to figure out how play the game in which the Patriarchy has created all the rules, try to do great work that results in deep connection and transformation in my clients, and also make an abundant living.

What you see here is born out of my 20+ year love affair with the Holy and Divine - the part known as Sophia-Spirit, God, Goddess, Mother/Father of the Universe; and the part known as the deepest and most authentic part of me, Alisa.  The relationship with these manifestations of the Divine have lead me on a journey of intense self-exploration, healing, and discovery.  Many practices and modalities have supported and guided this journey, leading me to uncover and claim the gleaming and rich treasure that had been buried in my heart.  It has not come without pain and struggle.  It is in coming to know the sources of my patterns and pain, that I find my most creative self.  It is in going into the darkness and shadows that the light comes and exposes the treasure.

That is what I aim for through Eye of the Heart.

The work that you will experience through Eye of the Heart is deep and it is rich.  It has been birthed out of the call I have leaned into to change the world through inner work!  Many Holy and Learned Teachers have shown us that the way to transformation is through increased consciousness.  Among these teachers I count Carl Jung, Sr Miriam Randall, Cynthia Bourgeault, John Welwood, Dick Schwartz, Martin Smith, Teresa of Avila, Julian of Norwich, Hildegard of Bingen, Harriet Boorheim, Richard Rohr, Mirabai Starr, Thomas Keating, Morton Kelsey, Henri Nouwen.  Don't let me forget Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Lakshmi,  Kuan Yin, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Here is my vision for the world that I desire to which I desire for Eye of the Heart to contribute:

It is a world in which a spirit of cooperation, appreciation, and harmony exists between people, between communities and nations, and with the Earth and the entire Cosmos.  It is a world in which the inner journey is as relevant as the outer journey, and the spiritual is as acknowledged as the physical.  This vision includes making healing and growth in consciousness the highest of priorities. It is a world in which compassion, creativity, and connection foster relationships, bring forth aligned work, and enhance community.

I am so delighted for you to join me in this most sacred work!!


In 1989, Alisa graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University. She received a Masters of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas at Arlington in 1994. She has been licensed as a Clinical Social Worker since 1998. In a private psychotherapy practice since 1999, Alisa began her clinical career in the Dallas area. She served a primarily military population from 2003-2009 and has been in the Austin area since 2010.  In 2014, Eye of the Heart was birthed!

Throughout her career, Alisa has worked with many individuals suffering from anxiety and depression, as well as couples who are struggling in their relationships. She has extensive experience with trauma in three areas: 1) children in foster care, 2) adults dealing with childhood abuse issues, and 3) veterans of war. Alisa has specific training in Jungian dream work, spiritual direction, Internal family Systems, Reiki, and play therapy.  She is currently working on a certification program in reading the Akashic Records.

In counseling her clients, Alisa’s desire is to facilitate transformation, healing, and growth toward wholeness. She encourages, and often challenges, her clients to discover and listen to all aspects of self, enabling more genuine expression and healthier relationships. Alisa is able to create a physical and emotional space that is warm, accepting, and non-judgmental for this work to occur. Using her gifts of compassion and intuition, she facilitates the client’s healing and growth process.

In living her own life, Alisa practices the same philosophies she shares with her clients. She loves animals and nature, and she enjoys trail hiking.  Her dog, Booker, is an integral part of the work of Eye of the Heart!!  Alisa writes a blog, and has written several poetry pieces.  She creates art from broken pieces of tile, pottery, and rock - what we call "mosaic."  She is currently working on a lotus flower in her shower. She leads a contemplative lifestyle, with a focus on prayer/meditation, relationship, and creativity.

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