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what are my options for working with alisa?

You have options available to you!  For both individual work, and/or for a group experience.  

Individual work

My signature program, Becoming Your Heart's Treasure, is, by far, the deepest and most expansive of my offerings, bringing forth significant and lasting shifts, transformations, and healing.  If you know you are ready to do some deep healing work, or to expand upon what you have already begun, this is where you want to look.

If you don't feel quite ready for this level of commitment, but have a particular issue or challenge that you want to address, Heart of the Matter, may feel like a better place to start.  In 6 sessions, we will work together to isolate the moving pieces around the challenge you are facing or desiring to shift.  Chances are that you will experience some movement on the issue, but there will likely be more work around it to do.

I also offer a Spiritual Direction package, which includes 13 sessions within one year.

If you are really reluctant to meet one on one, or feel that you just can't make the financial and/or time commitment, and struggle with stress, overwhelm, or anxiety, you may consider Doorway Into Your Heart, Eye of the Heart's online independent study.  It includes guidance for daily practices, guided meditations, and teachings and questions for reflection.

Alisa Carr is a very gifted healer to whom I owe much of my personal, professional, and spiritual growth. She has a beautiful way of guiding me on a deep, inward journey, empowering me to find my own answers and direction. She is compassionate, loving, and accepting of all of my parts. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.
— Dana Gillispie, LCSW

group experiences

Sacred Circles is an online InterSpiritual group meeting once every 4 weeks.  If you are looking to expand your spiritual community, and desire to deepen your relationship with the Divine and with yourself within the context of a group, I direct you here.  It is quite affordable, while still giving you a meaningful experience, and an opportunity to go deeper.  Within Sacred Circles, there are series of teachings and experiences.  Stay tuned to Sacred Circles page, and Eye of the Heart FB page for upcoming groups.  

Alisa facilitates Healing Circles and Retreats periodically.  Check the Sacred Events page for what is most current.

Included in all of these offerings is a telegroup meditation/energy healing experience held every 4 weeks.  

do i need to commit to an entire package?  Can't I just schedule 1 session at a time?

As you may have read on the About page, I have changed much about the way that I work, including offering packages.  The most compelling reason for making this work available to you in this way, is that it creates a solid and safe container for us to work within.  When you have taken the time to consider all the elements, to consider what you are wanting for yourself, and to enter in, with intention, your psyche seems to know this.  Along with the other ways I have designed each offering, this creates sacred space, not only during the physical time that we are meeting with each other, but also throughout the agreed upon time that we will be working together.

If it just doesn't feel resonant to you to work this way, you can schedule one session at a time, when my schedule permits this.  The investment is somewhat higher per session, when sessions are purchased this way.

what are Alisa's fees? what can i expect in an individual session?

Each session is 75 minutes.  Each session begins with a time of meditation or prayer, as we agree on together. 

Working with "parts" (Internal Family Systems approach), DreamWork, Reiki energy work, Intuitive Card Readings, Art work sessions, Fire Ceremonies are possibilities for a session.  Each of these modalities is part of Becoming Your Heart's Treasure.

The value of one 75 minute session is $165.  When you choose one of the package offerings, you receive this value at a reduced investment.  









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