Have you been experiencing a desire to deepen your connection with The Spirit, your understanding of a Divine Presence?

Have you been drawn to a journey of self-exploration and discovery?

Do you have a sense that there are vast creative and psychic energies buried in the crevices and corners of your Unconscious that are just waiting to bubble up to the surface of your life and be expressed as You!?  

It's True!!  There is a veritable Treasure to be located, excavated, mined, opened, and adorned!!  

It's all within your very own heart, just waiting to be found by You!  

Oh, the possibilities and potential for all of the precious jewels, gems, and other valuables you shall uncover!!

In my many years of healing work with clients, I have time and again witnessed an unfolding, a process, a path that leads those who are willing to follow, to a Magical place within.  That Magic dwells in the Heart.   Troves of Treasure - creativity, intuition, confidence, strength, authenticity, and courage to speak one's voice - lie there, hidden until the search begins, the way is cleared. 

It may be hidden, yes, but make no mistake, it is no less vibrant, no less effervescent, no less Rich.  And it is Yours!!

Through my darkest shadow moments, my brightest moments of enlightenment, and every moment of growth in between, Alisa has been a consistent source of guidance and healing. I’m so grateful for her experience and insight. I have no idea what I would have done without her for the past five years.
— Erik P.

It is my pleasure and deep desire to assist you in the work of seeking, finding, and adorning yourself with Your Heart's Treasure!  Becoming Your Heart's Treasure is a longer term program.  If you aren't ready for this level of commitment at this time, click here to see The Heart of the Matter, a 5 session taste; or here for Anxiety - Doorway Into Your Heart


How will we do this?  

By utilizing a variety of spiritual and healing modalities.  These include:

  • DreamWork

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Mystical and Contemplative Spiritual Wisdom and Practices

  • Intuitive Card Readings

  • The Ancient practice of Anointing

  • Ceremony and Ritual

what to expect during our time together

√ We begin with weekly sessions of at least 75 minutes.  We can work face to face, telephonically or virtual sessions via Zoom.  

√ We begin each session with a meditation practice that we will determine together.  

√ We mark important inner shifts and outer transitions with ceremonies and rituals.

√ When the time feels right, we meet less often, tapering down to twice monthly.  

√ We will celebrate you Becoming Your Heart's Treasure with a mini-retreat!

Words cannot describe how much Alisa and Eye of the Heart have helped me learn and grow as a person. Multiple times I felt as if I were a caterpillar growing into a butterfly and really learning to stretch my wings that I didn’t even realize I had. I came to Alisa not fully understanding what I felt but I knew something was off. She helped me listen to myself, and my subconscious through my dreams, and meditation. I now am no longer afraid of having an experience of emotions (good or bad) and because of this I have strengthened my relationships with my friends and family and learned to let go of things that have no place in my life.
— Maddi O.


  • Development and deepening of spiritual practices.

  • Much less emotional reactivity and awareness of emotional triggers

  • A sense of having more choices available to you in interactions with others

  • An experience of freedom, lightness and calm that may be entirely new!

  • An ability to set healthy boundaries

  • An ability to speak your voice! Communication of your emotions, ideas, and perspectives in a way that is authentic and empowering to you, while respectful of those around you.

  • A recognition of how dis-empowering it has been for you to NOT speak your truth and authentically Be Yourself - in relationships, in your career, and even with Spirit!

  • A desire to care for your body, your emotions and your spirit in ways that fit with your life and personality.

  • Your True personality will begin to shine forth - and you won't apologize for it!!

  • A recognition and claiming of your "Bright Shadow" - what is Awesome, Magical, and Beautiful in your personality, in your gifts and talents, and in your passions.

  • Bursts of Creativity – possibly a form of artistic expression, maybe a fuller participation in life, or a coming into your own.

  • Ability to tap into your Intuition and knowing, and trust it!

  • Increased experiences of synchronicity and other ways that your intuitive gifts are flowing.

  • Increased clarity about what your work in the world is and how to participate in that more fully.

  • More meaningful, authentic, and soulful relationships.

  • Increased community connections, both within Healing groups and your broader community.

  • A recognition of personal barriers, family issues, religious challenges as symptoms of the Patriarchy; woundedness that is inevitable when the Feminine is not honored.



There is a whole treasure trove available to you on this journey. As each being's journey is unique, so will be your program. Factors* such as how deep you want to go and how much you'd like to accomplish will determine the flow of your experiences and outcomes. Before we begin, together we will outline the specific path on which you want to travel, with a compass to guide you in this exciting adventure!

The experiences below highlight a general flow to be expected, although it is usually not completely linear.  Our healing and growth tends to flow more like a spiral, so you may be dabbling in creativity while still doing hard mining work.  Or you may have been participating in the program for 10 months, and continue to uncover and let go of emotional burdens.  Just like the spiral, you keep coming back around to work you have done before, see it with new eyes, and heal deeper layers of it, opening again to the treasure that it brings.

To give you an example of what your journey to your heart's treasure may have in store, here are some phases with which you could experience along the path of uncovering your treasure... 

√ Creating connection and sacred space - physical and energetic space that serves as a safe container in which to meet the Divine, and yourSelf. This includes exploring spiritual practices to be used during and in between sessions

√ Developing a practice of Self-Compassion - tapping into your capacity for unconditional love, love and compassion without judgment or criticism, towards yourself. This is the bedrock on which this work depends.

√ Development of spiritual practices.

√ Meeting and befriending your Inner Critic, as well as other inner protectors and blocks to listening to yourself, using the Internal Family Systems process.

√ Working with dream symbols.

√ Developing a practice of paying attention to emotions, challenges that arise, difficult relationships, dreams, and synchronicities, as arrows pointing you in the direction for what needs attention.

√ Shadow Work – a process of seeing yourself more clearly and beginning to embrace all aspects.

√ Acknowledging vulnerabilities, fears, woundedness, negative messages, possibly even traumas that emerge in the course of this work.

√ Grieving losses.

√ Listening in a deep way to difficult places within that need attention. Instead of ignoring or trying to override these areas, often perceived as barriers, we are leaning into them, listening to them, and caring for them.

√ Letting go of old ways of operating.

√ Noticing and acting on Creativity that emerges.

√ Honoring and trusting your intuitive nature.

√ Recognizing your Bright Shadow reflected to you in those you admire or look up to.

√ Finding your aligned work in the world.

√ Engaging in Healing and Transformational work with others.

√ Connecting with other participants of this particular Healing Program.

√ Shifting the relationship we have from me as Guide/Mentor to more of a Companion who walks with you along the Spiritual and Healing path that, through our work together, has been revealed to you.

√ Actively listening together to the work of the Spirit in your life and in the world at large.



In order to excavate, mine, open, adorn and offer your treasure, I offer three different program lengths, All of which will be customized for you and your treasure journey. 



The Emerald

Duration: 12*  months

Becoming Your Heart's Treasure in its entirety is The Emerald experience. The Emerald is 12 months, in 3 phases*,  including approximately 42 sessions and a mini-retreat. With completion of the program, you have not only opened up your creativity and intuition, but it is actively guiding you in your relationships and in the work you do in the world. You are deeply connected with The Divine, as you experience It. You are an empowered presence, leading others, adorned with Your Heart's Treasure. You have Become the Treasure that you discovered.


The Turquoise

Duration: 9* months

The Turquoise experience is a 9 month portion of the program, including approximately 29 sessions. It takes you well into Your Heart's Treasure - opening up to creativity and intuition, and speaking your voice authentically.  You have or are exploring different ways of connecting spiritually.   


The Indigo

Duration: 4* months

The Indigo is a 4 month experience and includes 13 sessions. The Indigo is the hardest work of the program. Completing this Indigo phase lays a solid foundation, and shows the way toward that trove of treasure in the Heart.  You will have developed a spiritual practice that nurtures you.  Letting go of burdens and old ways of operating, healing wounds and vulnerabilities, setting boundaries, and speaking your voice are all Precious Gems that reveal themselves here.      

*There are circumstances and situations that would extend the length of your experience of Becoming Your Heart's Treasure, including unhealed trauma, a recent significant loss , or chaotic and volatile relationships.  If this applies to you, please discuss this with me in our Introductory Conversation!  Never fear - your Treasure is waiting for you too!!