Heart of the Matter

Do you find yourself struggling with a particular behavior that causes you some difficulties, but aren't sure that you want to dive into a more committed process like what is offered in Becoming Your Heart's Treasure?

This five session process will help you begin to unravel this pattern that you know you want to change.  It will get to the Heart of the Matter, so you know what to focus on to fully resolve it!

Let me acknowledge you right now for the courage it takes to say, "I've had enough of this!  I want to be different!"

I want that for you too!  I want you to have the inner space to live your life with freedom - not being constricted by whatever behavior or emotional challenge that is holding you back!

The process looks like this...

  •  Meet with me in person, via phone or Zoom for 5 consecutive weeks* for 75 minutes each session                                                                                    (Value of $165 per session)
  • Begin each session with some type of meditative or contemplative practice
  • Begin the process with an Intuitive Card Reading to dig deeper into the issue
  • Identify the different "parts" involved with the issue through DreamWork and Internal Family Systems processes
  • Experience Reiki energy work to help dissolve blockages that become known
  • End the Heart of the Matter process with a fire ceremony as a Letting Go and Celebration

*of course, we take into account vacations and unexpected issues, but want to aim for consecutive sessions.  Not ready for this level of investment yet?  Click here to see my Independent Study/Healing program, Anxiety - Doorway Into Your Heart.

The total investment for the heart of the matter 5 session process is $777