an Independent healing program

I invite you into a different relationship with your anxiety, your overwhelm, your worry! I want to teach you how to listen to it, and not be afraid of it.  To lean into it, instead of pushing it away.  To connect with it, instead of rejecting it. 

When you begin to embrace and accept your anxiety, and resist judging it, it becomes a wise and beloved guide that leads you into the depths of your Heart!  Read on to hear more about this inner journey...or click the payment button to get started right away! 

Before I started the lessons I was so angry and confused within myself. I did not understand what was happening to me. Now that I’m beginning to accept myself - all of me, the inner and outer parts of myself - my faults and accomplishments - I feel better. My stress and anxiety is not so overwhelming to me. The breathing and meditation really helped, as well as the music. Thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety. I will continue listen to the music and meditation.
— Norma P.

Is the experience of your heart racing, difficulty catching your breath, or a knot in the pit of your stomach all too familiar?

These are all common symptoms of anxiety and panic, and can be debilitating!!

Do you keep your self up all night with obsessive worrying or panic, going round and round in your head about all the possible terrible things that could happen?

Another common symptom of anxiety - you are probably worrying about a myriad of things you have absolutely no control over!  But it makes you feel totally overwhelmed and helpless!

Do you feel paralyzed by negative thoughts and criticism, that keep you in a state of anxiety?

The Inner Critic holds so much energy!  It is a product, not only of family dynamics and messages, but also of the culture and of many religions!

Doorway Into Your Heart is here to help you move through all of this and more!! 

You, no doubt, have been lead to believe that the best and most efficient way to move through life is to reject, ignore, push away, or condemn all of these feelings.  Which often only results with them returning with even more force and intensity.

Doorway Into Your Heart offers a different perspective.  One that results in less reactivity, more empowerment in your life and with your emotions, and more acknowledgement of the true source of your anxiety, panic, and worry.

Would you like a way to calm yourself down, when overwhelm, stress, or anxiety rushes in?

How about "having" your thoughts and emotions instead of your thoughts and emotions "having" you?? 

would just a little bit of relief be nice??

Doorway Into Your Heart offers a pathway that enables and empowers you to accomplish this!!   By showing you a way to listen deeply to what your anxiety, panic, or worry is trying to reveal, this Independent Healing program guides you in opening an inner door to increased freedom and peace.  You will begin to see a way to deal with the inner and external challenges of life from a place of trust and confidence.

 Doorway Into Your Heart

Module 1 - Learn to create sacred space and establish a routine of meditation, reflection, and listening.  Anxiety, You Say? An introduction to the many possible sources to the experience of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and worry.  Deep listening is supported by Spiritual practices.  A Guided meditation created to help bring some immediate relief when anxiety is flared up.

Module 2 - Starting to Feel.   The emotions that are underneath stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and worry may be difficult to express! You will receive the first deep meditation practice here.

Module 3 - Anxiety Triggers.  Questions to help you determine the external triggers that set off a state of overwhelm, stress, or anxiety, and why.  You will receive a Guided meditation with music, and a guide for including The Body into your healing practices.  

Module 4 - Your Inner Critic.  Most of us have an inner voice that can be ruthless!  And often doesn't allow us to express emotion or heal from past wounds and traumas.  Learn some ways to help relax this powerful and destructive voice, with another Guided Meditation.  

Module 5 - Trust Yourself.  Sometimes we simply don't believe we can handle...well...Life.  Feelings.  Situations.  Circumstances.  People.  The Center, the core, the part that is the Drop of the Divine in us, the part that we can definitely trust, is buried!

Module 6 - Where the Heart Leads.  Discomfort is completely natural when you are on the edge of great growth and expansion!

Open the Door and Cross the Threshold...

When you start allowing the contents of the crevices and corners of your mind to emerge, and listen to them, a new relationship is forged with the overwhelm and anxiety you experience, and the way is opened to access your heart space.  When you begin to shift your energy to curiosity and willingness to explore, instead of ignoring and pushing away what causes discomfort, you can come closer and closer to your heart.  The Eye of your Heart.  The seat of your wisdom, creativity and intuition.

...Into Your Heart

Do you experience anxiety, overwhelm, or stress, but feel hesitant to work with someone one-on-one?

I definitely believe that one-on-one  healing work with someone trained to guide you is the most complete approach to addressing the cause of, and relieving, intense and prolonged anxiety.  If this is what you are looking for, please click here for Becoming Your Heart's Treasure, my longer-term healing program.

But I also know that there can be a multitude of reasons why the thought of that feels intimidating or even impossible.  Maybe you feel that you can't afford a longer, more in depth program.  Or you aren't quite ready to make that personal of a connection - you just want to "get your feet wet."  Or maybe the therapist or healer you really want to work with isn't available. 

 If any of this is true for you,  Doorway Into Your Heart is a viable option for your healing needs.  While the lessons will be delivered to you in a set format, you are free to work at your own pace, in the comfort of a space of your choosing.  It is affordable, and offers a holistic approach to addressing your experience of Anxiety.  With the lessons, teachings, and practices that you will receive, you can get started on your healing, while you wait for the right time to work with someone one on one.

Open the Door!

Are you already working with a coach, and find your anxiety and overwhelming feelings kicked up?

Doorway Into Your Heart can easily be a supplement to the work you are doing with others.  If your anxiety presents itself as you expand your business, parent your children, or work through relationship challenges, this Independent Healing Program can enhance what you are learning and practicing in these other areas.

are you on an intentional spiritual journey and find that anxiety is emerging as you connect in more deeply?

This is not uncommon!  It seems that the Creative Spirit desires your healing and wholeness!  When you lean into and connect deeply with that Spirit, often the wounds and old patterns start emerging, and your system might experience that as anxiety or being overwhelmed.  Doorway Into Your Heart gives you a pathway to negotiate and work with all that is arising from your psyche.

Are you ready to Enter In?

As soon as I receive notification of your payment, you will begin to receive the teachings, reflections, and meditations of  Doorway Into Your Heart, designed to help you listen to and settle intense anxious and overwhelming reactions.  They are a collection of what I have learned over the past 25 years of doing healing work for myself and with others.  I am very grateful for the ability to share this with a broader audience through the magic of the Internet!

  • 6 Lessons delivered individually to your email in-box, over the course of 13 days, beginning right when you register

  • Teachings, with questions for reflection, on the several "sources" of Anxiety, stress, and overwhelm

  • 3 deep Meditation/Prayer practices to support your healing journey

  • 4 general Spiritual practices to facilitate connection with your body, heart, and more

  • 3 Guided Meditations, by Alisa, to support and guide you in listening to your Anxiety

  • A follow-up email and opportunity to share your experience with Alisa and explore next steps in a one-on-one complimentary conversation.

  • The container created by Doorway Into Your Heart, and the healing energy and prayer that has accompanied its creation

Doorway Into Your Heart is an Independent program of deep listening and connection.  As with all the other offerings through Eye of the Heart, Doorway Into Your Heart draws on  practices of Meditation and Prayer to support and contain inner psychological healing.