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A Celebration of Mary Magdalene

  • Eye of the Heart/Alisa Carr 6204 Softwood Drive Austin, TX, 78744 United States (map)

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July 22 is the FeastDay of Mary Magdalene! Come and celebrate this magical figurine who has captured the hearts of so many! We honor The Magdalene as the woman who loved unabashedly with her Alabaster jar of Nard; as the woman who partnered with Jesus as Healer and Anointed him to step more fully onto his path; as the Devoted woman who never left Jesus' side before, during, and after his horrible death; as the Apostle to the Apostles; as the Bride of Christ and as the expression of the Feminine aspect of the Spirit; as the Vessel of Divine Love, Healing, and Consciousness.

Note: The investment for this event is based on the number 153. This is the number of the catch of fish that some of the male disciples hauled in when Jesus, in his resurrected form, advised them where to land the net. In the Greek numerology, this is the same number that "The Magdalene" adds up to!!

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