Sacred Space - Containing and Transforming

Let's talk about containers...cocoons, wombs, caves...Circles.  And I'll throw in a little about squares too.

Over the years, in my work and study with dreams, and learning Dreamwork, I have become quite familiar with the idea of sacred space.  That is - space that is designated for doing deep and healing inner work.  The Greek word for this concept is temenos.  That's where the square comes in.  It's why we have square churches and square courtyards, square courtrooms, and square baseball diamonds.  They contain.  (In 2013, when I was beginning the shift in my own work, I wanted to name the business "Temenos."  The name was already taken!)

A few years later, I was reminded of the concept of the Sacred Circle in a Jungian DreamWork class.  It is the same idea, but comes from a different tradition.  "It is an old Goddess ritual to bathe--purify--to don the white gown--the garb of descent to the land of the dead--and to draw a circle of magic protection--sacred thought--around oneself." (from Women Who Run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes).

In my class, the professor encouraged us to create some type of circle when doing dreamwork, active imagination, or any other type of inner work that would engage the unconscious.  A message to both the conscious mind, and the vast contents of the unconscious, that "I am serious - I want to listen - I want to go deep!"  

So I began gathering my precious items - hunks of rose quartz and other crystals, rosaries, metal crosses, artwork - and forming a Circle around the space that I was doing some type of inner work, creating a program, or writing what I intended to share publicly.  I was creating a Sacred Circle in which to bring that which was coming out of the unconscious, into my conscious mind. (I used to worry that if someone were watching this behavior they would have had some serious questions about my mental stability - but I did it anyway!)

I realized I had been doing this for years!  Building and walking labyrinths.  Turning my round glass top table into an altar.  Painting the Celtic triad in my house.  And beginning to meet in Circle with other women, mostly, under the guidance of Heather Elizabeth of SHE.  

The significance of how I had been tapping into the energy of the Sacred Circle - how it had been holding me, protecting me, providing a container for growth and transformation - was brought to my awareness in such an incredibly synchronistic way! See Dreams, Synchronicity and The Handless Maiden for this story!

Maybe you are beginning to see the back story of how I have come to take this work so seriously.  There is nothing that I ask you to consider investing in - whether that be time, energy, practice, or money, that I haven't done myself.  

My journey continues - I am amazed at what keeps unfolding - and unfolding, like a never ending opening of a beautiful flower!  And I want that for you!  I suspect that you are wanting it for yourself too, or you wouldn't even be taking the time to read this blog.

How do you want to begin?  I have laid out the options for ways I can accompany you on your own journey - the treasure hunt, I like to think of it.  Just click on the link.  Everything you will find there allows you to begin to experience that sacred container, in varying degrees.  

And know this - no matter when you choose to peel back your own layers - The Sacred Circle is always there for you.  We are always and continuously held by the Divine Spirit, where there are such vast and plenteous resources for the drawing on!

with gratitude and love, peace and healing!


What is YOUR work in the world?


I want to talk to you today about discovering and uncovering the work that you want to do in the world.  About stepping out of whatever fear or barrier holds you back from your mission and purpose in life.  About stepping into that mission and purpose, becoming more expansive and offering the Treasure that you are to the world!

I call it Becoming Your Heart's Treasure

This new program I have created brings transformation on many levels - relationships, controlling emotions. accessing creativity and intuition.  And it also helps reveal the path to take in order to offer yourself to the world.   It is available for 2 more weeks at it's Introductory Rate!!

We can hear this phrase, Becoming Your Heart's Treasure in two ways - and they are both powerful!  The first way is this...there is treasure to be found in your heart - and there is a journey that not only leads you to it, but allows you to BE it!  Become the Treasure that is in your Heart.  That's one way to hear it. 

The other way is to fall in love with your very own heart!  And show yourself to your Heart so that it can fall in love with you!  Be your heart's precious treasure, your heart's lover, your heart's pride and joy! 

Becoming Your Heart's Treasure is available for just 2 more weeks at its Introductory Rate.  Rate ends on November 3!!

"What does this have to do with my mission and purpose?  Why would I want to fall in love with myself?  What does that have to do finding with my work in the world?" you ask...let's talk about that...

I hear over and over again from the courageous people I work with that they know there is a particular work for them in the world, a specific way to share their personalities and gifts, their passions and joys.  They know that, whatever it is, it is a way they can contribute and make a difference, make an impact.  Is this you too?

Maybe you know exactly how you want to engage the world, exactly what you want to bring to others, but fears and negative internal messages hold you back.

Or maybe you desperately want to have a "thing" to offer to the world, you want to be out there bringing something that others need, but you can't quite figure out what that something is.

What I have found through the more than 20 years that I have dedicated to transformative and healing work - with others and with myself - is that listening deeply to those fears and barriers, facing the old patterns of behavior, acknowledging and showing up for the woundedness that you have carried, this is what clears the path toward your work in the world. 

It is a little counterintuitive.  We think that we need to be searching for the right job, or wracking our brains for the right thing to do, or trying so hard to "figure it out."  We get caught up in the belief that the answer, the direction, the guidance is "out there" - somewhere.

Becoming Your Heart's Treasure is available for just 2 more weeks at its Introductory Rate!!  Rate ends on November 3!!

But it is actually in here (I place my hand on my chest), close to the heart space.  When you tend to the business of your inner life, your emotions, the inner messages that plague you, healing traumas and losses, that's what clears the path so that your heart can be reached.  When you are faithful to this work, the way just begins to emerge.  You get an idea in the shower.  You wake up inspired to call a particular person.  You run into someone who has a lead for you.  One step, and the next step, and the next...and soon you are traveling on a particular path.

Will this make it all come just easy, breezy?  No, you will run into problems and challenges.  You will have old fears rise up.  You will stumble and fall.  But this looks and feels so much differently when you have opened up to your passion and are on a road toward something.  It looks and feels differently when you have developed a friendship with yourself.  It looks differently when you have learned how to listen to yourself.

Finding your work in the world is just one of the many outcomes of participating in this transformational program, Becoming Your Heart's Treasure.  You can also expect to Speak your Voice, Find your Authenticity, Claim your Creativity, and Tap into Your Intuition.  You can expect to do deep healing work on past traumas and losses, or troubling family dynamics.  You can release the internal messages that wreak havoc with your peace of mind, and keep chaos stirred up in your life.

So - come go on a journey of mining and excavating the treasure in your heart.  Discover the joy of adorning yourself with that treasure!  Come and meet your deepest self - the Eye of your Heart - so you and your heart can fall in love with one another.  Simply click on the Becoming Your Heart's Treasure links to take a closer look at the program.  Or click on the links in this paragraph to contact me directly. 

Or, as you look around this sacred cyberspace, go to the Contact page to email me. It would be my greatest pleasure to accompany you as you discover the precious gems within your heart!!  

Becoming Your Heart's Treasure is available for just 2 more weeks at its Introductory Rate.  Rate ends on November 3!!

. With Gratitude!  Alisa Carr, Spiritual Director, LCSW, DreamWorker and Contemplative