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The Beatitudes - A Path of Healing and Transformation: A Lenten Retreat

  • St David's Episcopal Church 301 East 8th Street Austin, TX, 78701 United States (map)

Click here to register through St David's Episcopal Church 

The Retreat is held in Bethel Hall.  $20 includes lunch

Lent is the season during the Church year that marks a time of reflection and healing, prior to the mourning of Death on Good Friday, and the celebration of New Life and Resurrection on Easter, which we remember through the body and life of Jesus.  It is often correlated with the time that Jesus spent in the wilderness, as he was wrestling with his inner "demons" in preparation for his ministry.

Whether or not Lent has been part of your spiritual practice, and whether or not you resonate with the Christian tradition, this time of year before Spring sets in fully, invites us to go within. 

This is what we will be doing on February 17 at St. David's Episcopal Church, with The Beatitudes** as our guide:  given to us by Jesus, translated by Cynthia Bourgeault in her book, Wisdom Jesus, and presented to you through my lens of the contemporary practices of inner work.  We will be working with these teachings from the wisdom perspective, which leads us into a journey of healing and transformation.

Blessed are they...

We hear the familiar introduction to those most beautiful, heart-opening, and somewhat daunting teachings of Jesus, in the collection of his wisdom known as the Sermon on the Mount. We call them The Beatitudes.

Maybe you have read these eight verses so many times, the truths they hold barely register in your conscious mind. Possibly you have dismissed them altogether, believing them to be of a different time, or of a standard that is impossible to meet.  It might be that this particular Wisdom tradition is not yet known to you at all.  In this half day retreat of reflection, meditation, and community, you are invited to engage with these most sacred teachings in an intentional, conscious, and deep way.

The topics and questions for reflection, the prayers and meditations, have emerged out of my deep study and prayer with Cynthia Bourgeault’s translation of these sacred teachings of Jesus in just 5 pages of her book, Wisdom Jesus.  Come, receive them into your Being, allow them to guide your inner healing and deepen your connection with God, yourself,  and others.  Open yourself to the transformation these precious gems of wisdom surely have to offer.  Enter the path of healing, wholeness, and joy to which Jesus invites us through these courageous truths.

Click here to register through St David's Episcopal Church 

The Retreat is held in Bethel Hall.  $20 includes lunch

**Sacred Circles , the online group InterSpiritual group of Eye of the Heart, is in the midst of The Beatitudes series as well.  If you can't attend the retreat or are not local to Austin, consider this offering, which meets once every 4 weeks.

with gratitude!  Alisa

Spiritual Director, LCSW, DreamWorker, and Contemplative