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Blue Hand Energy Healing Meditation

You are invited to plug into a group energy healing meditation via conference phone line! Are you in need of some restoration and renewal, healing or relief from physical, emotional, or mental tension, or deep connection with the spiritual?  Bring those intentions, along with your pillow and blanket to this virtual energetic gathering.  Make sure you can be in a relaxed position as we tap into the energy of Spirit, of Love, of Peace and Compassion. 

I will be offering Reiki energy, a guided meditation, and a love-infused silence for that energy to work its way into where it's needed most - all with the magic of technology!  At the end of the meditation, I invite questions or a brief sharing about your experience.  Coming together as a group only magnifies the energy that is available for your expansion and healing - I hope you'll join me!

In the calendar system of The Dreamspell, August 13 is a Blue Hand day.  A day of Healing, of Knowledge, of Accomplishment.  Since I am in my Blue Electric Hand year, I am committed to offering this Virtual Energy Healing experience as often as I can, on Blue Hand days! 

Tickets are $37.  Purchase them here at EventBrite