Called By Name

(written on April 6, 2018)

We are 6 days into the season of Easter.  The season of New Life, New Beginnings, Resurrection.  What are you noticing along your journey?  What is beginning to show itself?  What is emerging...out of the cocoon, so to speak?  What transformation is trying to burst through??  How are you being called forth?

In the archetypal story of Jesus living, even after death, Mary Magdalene is, once again, a central figurine.  She is the one to whom he comes first, asking her to deliver the message of his return to the rest of the disciples.  

In this, she has often been called the "Apostle to the Apostles."  

I love the intimacy of the story.  Mary Magdalene has gone to the last place that she knew Jesus to be.  She wants to anoint his body one last time, but she finds him missing from his tomb.  In the Gospel of John, she stays close by, weeping.  She cannot bear to leave, and she doesn't know what to do with herself as she stays.

She is so wracked with grief, that when she sees Jesus, she thinks that it's the gardener!  It is in Jesus calling her by name, that her eyes are opened to who it is who is with her in this sacred moment.  

It feels like a profound message, a Truth.  To be called by name, and experience being known in that moment - and that you know the one who is doing the calling. 

This doesn't occur each time our name is called.  Like taking roll, or being called into a Dr's office.

But it does occur when the calling comes from someone close.  What's that particular tone that your mom or dad uses when they say your name?  Or your child?  How does it feel when your lover or partner calls you by name?  Whether it comes from a parent, a child, a lover, or your best friend, the sound of your name with the voice of someone who loves you touches a place, deep in the heart.

I've heard so many stories of people who hear their name being called even by a loved one who has passed on!  

Or maybe, when there is isolation and aloneness, you feel the absence of someone calling your name.  You want your name to be called in that close and intimate way.  You want to be known.

I love this story so much, because, once again, Mary Magdalene and Jesus show us an experience of deep love and connection.  One that we, as human beings, cherish and long for.  The story has opened me to hearing my own name being called.

By the Spirit.  And by others.  

When I respond by moving closer to the sound of that voice, it results in me being known more and more deeply.  By the Spirit.  And by others.

And then I am lead out.  To share myself and my gifts.  To listen and respond to the parts of myself that are opened up as a result of the connections.  To grow in ways I never imagined were even possible!

One of the ways I have been asked by the Divine Spirit to grow is by sharing myself in a more public way.  To that end, I created several Facebook Live Meditations during Holy Week, the week prior to Easter.  Please check them out!  

I also heard my name called to have a retreat this summer - July 20-22!  With Mary Magdalene as our Guiddess.  The Magdalene:  Wild and Wounded, Anointress, and Beloved - A Retreat for Wisening Women.  You will be hearing more about that as the time comes closer.  But please save the dates, and reserve your spot!!

Listen...your name is being called!  By the Divine Spirit.  And by others.  And by me!  Let it lead you out.  Listen to the parts of yourself that open up.  Ask it to grow you in ways you never imagined were even possible!  

Peace Be With You!!

Alisa Carr/Eye of the Heart