Mary Magdalene - Divine Feminine

(written on April 18, 2018)

The next chapter in the story of my journey with Mary Magdalene.  Looking back, I now see that she was leading me into some unknown, and at times a little scary, territory!

I'm not sure I even knew it was a Thing, this new territory.

I'm speaking of the Divine Feminine!  There are stories within stories that brought me to Her.  I see now that Mary Magdalene was the catalyst!  As I write this I realize that the timing coincides with the ways I was connecting so intimately with her in my prayer with the scriptures - the stories I have already been telling.  Wow!!  2006.

Remember The Davinci Code?  I read that book with a fervor, discussing it with a friend who turned me on to it.  I wanted to see the movie when it came out, so I hurried to read the book first.

Although I couldn't really imagine there being a physical bloodline of Jesus, the idea that there were secrets and truths hidden from the public seemed totally believable to me!  I had no idea the extent to which this was true!

Some years later, I found myself reading a clandestine copy of Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile, by Margaret Starbird, which I stumbled upon on one of my regular visits to Half Price Books.  I was living with a quite conservative woman at the time, and I remember feeling almost like I needed to hide the title of the book, so as not to arouse suspicion! (Can you say "projection"??  My own suspicious part rising up!)

It was the first scholarly writing I had encountered that dug deeper into the mysteries of Mary Magdalene.  I was amazed at the possibility that what I was so intrigued with in The DaVinci Code, might actually have some merit!

I was in transition.  I felt a call to more - but I didn't yet know what that MORE was.   I had to learn to listen to my own inner Desire, versus thinking that I needed to line myself up with some specific Divine Will that might NOT want me to do what I REALLY wanted.  When I did that, with the support and guidance of a Spiritual Director, I felt the MORE was to be in Austin!  

As my face turned toward Austin (from Bell County, Texas), I magically connected with someone who opened my eyes to a whole new way of honoring the Divine.  My path crossed with that of Heather Elizabeth Neary in ways that can only be explained by Divine Intervention.  I will tell you that complete story one day, but, for now, suffice it to say that it was so profound, I knew that it was from "God."  

The faith, the trust, that the Spirit was at work in what I was being exposed to, even though I had a part that was afraid I was somehow betraying my religion, helped me open up to the Divine Feminine that Heather and her teachers and mentors held space for so beautifully.  And who did I run into there, but Mary Magdalene! (As well as Mother Mary/Our Lady of Guadalupe)

Christianity, in the way that it has been revealed these last hundreds of years, doesn't have ownership of these powerful Feminine Beings.  There are all kinds of legends, stories, and spiritual traditions that were unknown to me.  This Mary Magdalene was even depicted as being pregnant with the seed of Jesus.  It would be some more time before I really explored these other traditions associated with Mary Magdalene.  But finding a familiar figurine, no matter what the story associated with her was, invited me to take a serious look at, and engage deeply with this Divine Feminine aspect of God.  

Shortly after this, I happened on the work by Cynthia Bourgeault that has been so transformative for me - The Meaning of Mary Magdalene.  

What's the takeaway here?  Mary Magdalene, and the path she has been leading me on, uncovers for me the Divine Feminine aspect of the Creator.  I see how it has been hidden and buried, demised and slandered - just like Mary Magdalene herself.  My next blog post, which is a continuation of the Sacred Circles series, also ties in...I'm right now amazed at the way in which this played out!  A synchronicity with my dreams and my Jungian class!  Be sure to catch it in a few days!

What is the Divine Feminine?  Let's save that exploration for the next part of the story...But, in the meantime, keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to see how She might be making her Presence known to you - maybe for the first time, and maybe in an even more expanded way.

I had no idea where this writing project was going to take me - I've known the highlights, but the details start presenting themselves to me as I write them!  So, thank you so much for reading these stories, and letting them walk around in your head and heart.  I am having a blast sharing them with you!

I hope you are considering the retreat this summer - The Magdalene: Wild and Wounded, Anointress,  Beloved - A Retreat for Wisening Women, or sharing it with someone you know who would resonate with it.  You will get to draw from her depth and breadth, and bring the energy of Mary Magdalene into your own story!

with gratitude!

Alisa Carr/Eye of the Heart